Singapore coffee shops?

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Hi guys, visiting this country currently - can anyone recommend any good coffee shops, or places to buy coffee gear (grinders, machines, drippers... Etc...)?

Thanks in advance!


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We liked the Annex.

It was a bit hard to find. I think we had to go into a courtyard to enter.

Also 20gram Coffee.

Also hard to find. Between apartment buildings.

cactus_farmer (original poster)

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Thanks - do you know of any places to buy coffee gear (SSP burrs?) from as well?


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No, but googling "ssp burrs Singapore" got me , for example, ... e-malaysia


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Was just in Singapore in May. Nylon Coffee Roasters is sort of the OG spot. Apartment coffee served the tastiest coffee I tried. Also worth going to Parallel Coffee Roasters for more of a Aussie experience.


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OK, depends on what you want but the list of my favorites:

Round boy roasters - very small shop but great group of enthusiasts, try "angel stain" there
Zerah coffee roaster - brew kingdom and shop that actually uses Decent
20-gram roastery
Common Man roasters (great but expensive place for brunch)
Community Coffee
Dutch Colony
Percolate (you will have the opportunity to buy some special beans here if you come at the right time, for example, Gardelli)

to be honest there are many more. Some of these shops are very small, some big like Common Man... For the size of the country, Singapore has an excellent selection. Enjoy your stay!