Shout out to Barrington Coffee--Supernatural

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chanty 77

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This stuff is wonnnnnderrrful. Day 7 post roast, 200 degrees. 18g., 28 seconds out. Blueberry (that even my non coffee drinking husband) noted & chocolate. This is just so good. Sometimes the blueberry note can subside as days go on. Never had this one before, but Barrington said it is very similar to their The Natural which I loved. Yeah, it is very similar. Love them both.

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This sounds great! We'll be in Boston tomorrow--I wonder if I'll be able to find/try this one during the trip at some point? Thanks for the heads up.
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chanty 77 (original poster)

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Barrington is one of my go-to roasters. They always do a great job. This one is so good. I think I already said that, but it really, really is.


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Sounds tasty. Bummer they don't do larger than a 12oz. I usually go for a 2lb to 1kilo these days.

chanty 77 (original poster)

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I just started trying freezing, but I like different blends a lot--so I tend to buy 3 12oz. different blends from one company & save on shipping that way. I recently started freezing one of the 3 12oz. bags. Then when I'm done with the three bags, it's on to one of my favorite other vendors for 3 bags of my favorites. At least I save on shipping that way.


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Supernatural coffees are cool stuff but I am kinda curious on how supernatural coffees of different origins fair against each other.