Should I give dry processed coffees another try ?

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So a couple years ago, I purchased five, 1 lb bags of assorted greens from Sweet Maria's. Three were pretty darn good. One, was the best coffee my GF and I have ever had (Gautemala Acutenango Gesha, which I just bought 5 more lbs of, and roasted yesterday, can't wait to have some in a couple more days) but one, a dry processed bean, was terrible ! I swear it smelled like dirty socks ! And tasted about like what Id imagine dirty socks to taste like. I tossed that stuff immediately, and decided that dry processed tasted terrible, and Id never buy it again.

But was that fair ? As you can see, my roasting equipment, and methods are totally primitive. But it seems to work great for all the other coffee I roast. Maybe there is something about roasting dry processed beans that is a lot different than washed beans ?
OR, is it just that dry processed has a much different taste that doesn't work for me ? Should I buy like 1 lb of something dry processed to give it another shot ?

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You absolutely should try a natural again.

While individual tastes cannot be ignored, it is certainly the case that naturals may require a lengthier rest time before their flavors start to show. Before then they may be slightly underwhelming at best.

Good luck w any others you experiment with, As a reference I've had some naturals peak at 2-4 weeks post roast.

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Wow ! I'd have never suspected that. With my wet washed stuff, I've drank it the next day, and didn't taste a lot of difference a few days later. I try to go 3 days though. But 2-4 weeks is surprising. I guess next time, even if its not tasting so great after a few days, maybe I need to keep it around for a lot longer before I toss it :)


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It's possible you got a bad bag of coffee from SM...I haven't yet in my years of buying from them, but I suppose it could happen. The tip off is that no green coffee should ever smell like dirty socks, so that's probably what happened. :cry:

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Unless of course you're talking about Monsooned Malabar which some think smells like dirty socks.

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I've neither tasted nor roasted a dry process that tasted like dirty socks. Of course different people taste different things or maybe my socks are REALY bad. Try an Ethiopian. I just roasted some of this a few days ago ... in-natural --haven't tried it yet but from the way it smells I would be stunned if it tasted like dirty socks.


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Some people seem to have a real aversion to dry process, and if that's you there's no shame in that. You should definitely give it another try though. Maybe get something roasted by the pros to start with. No insult intended to your roasting skills, but dry process can be a bit of a different beast.

I for one have found dry processed coffees to be some of the most interesting and memorable coffee's I've had. I almost always prefer a dry processed ethiopian over a wet. More fruit, more character. But less "clean" and that turns some people off.

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I don't know if we are talking about the same thing, but I hate the ferment note commonly found in naturals and anaerobics. Think extra-fermented soy sauce (not your typical sushi soy sauce)... I keep giving them a chance (tried probably 10 or so in the past year) but I get usually disappointed. Some are better than others. Anaerobics are the worst IME and they are usually the most expensive, go figure. At best they are ok and quite drinkable but never great to my taste buds. Even then i have to nail the aging and extraction to minimize the ferment note, whereas it's usually easy to find the sweet spot of a washed coffee. I've basically given up on them now. :(

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#9: Post by baldheadracing »

I strongly prefer washed, but this is a "clean" natural that I've roasted before and will buy again:

Green: ... ral-catuai

Roasted: ... ral-catuai


#10: Post by BodieZoffa »

I'd say definitely give naturals another try as I find them far superior to washed, which can be thin, boring at times. I simply prefer the heavy texture and muddied flavor profiles most naturals give and find most washed to be too refined.