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Much thanks to all of you. I think I should buy a lb or two of professionally roasted, dry processed Ethiopian, something with great reviews, and if I like it, then it was either my roasting process, or I just got a bad bag. If I don't like it, then dry processed is just not for me.


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yakster wrote:Unless of course you're talking about Monsooned Malabar which some think smells like dirty socks.
Except that monsooned coffee usually doesn't look very green...

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I don't care for naturals cuz most of them just have kind of an overwhelming rotten-fruit- ness to them.

But once I got a lot of one of my favorite coffees that had been made in a small quantity as a kind of a test. They had done something like 50 bags that had been sundried for a short period of time before wash processing........ It was great, like the regular only slightly better even