Shipping Wendelboe coffees to US

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So I decided to order some Tim Wendelboe for the first time and see for myself just how light "light" can be (a frequent debate around these forums :D ).

I went with Norwegian Post for shipping because I am cheap and figured some extra rest time isn't the worst idea regardless. Anyone have experience with getting Wendelboe shipped to US? Rough idea how long Norwegian Post takes to get here?

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#2: Post by lessthanjoey »

2-3 weeks for me. Perfect resting time for light roasts for espresso.

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Nate42 (original poster)

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Nate42 (original poster)

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So for those considering giving it a try, I ordered on March 12, it shipped the following wednesday, and I received today, April 7, 3 weeks post roast.

In a perfect world I would love to get it sooner, but I have to say what I've tried so far is still quite flavorful. Who knows it may just now be at its peak. Only tried the Los Pirineos so far, but it is intensely fruity and even my wife who isn't generally in to light roasted espresso enjoys it. Maybe I should let my own roasts rest so long, if only I had the patience...:)


#5: Post by Kickin|wiNg »

Keep an eye on Dayglow. They carry Wendelboe, MAME, La Cabra, Gardelli, etc.. and ship from California.

But on topic, I've also had the couple weeks shipping direct from those roasters.


#6: Post by erik82 »

Norwegian post can vary a lot (1,5 week up to 2,5 months). I switched to the DHL option a couple of months ago and then it takes 1-3 days.


#7: Post by Ejquin »

Any idea how much more the DHL shipping option is?

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#8: Post by Nate42 (original poster) » replying to Ejquin »

I've forgotten, sorry. It was enough more that I didn't want to do it though. :D


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My approach has been to basically forget I have a subscription and then when it randomly shows up it's a nice surprise.


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never mind