Shelf life of roasted coffee and harvest "vintage"?

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I'm curious about the shelf life of beans. I know that roasted beans degrade as they are exposed to oxygen but if kept in a sealed container, how long will they last and still be "good"? I've read a little about freezing beans to preserve them. How long is too long?

How about green beans? How long can they be preserved/stored before they degrade?

This leads to my second question. I assume that each year's harvest from a particular grower may vary from previous year's harvests due to different weather conditions. I imagine that could have an effect on flavor. Is there any value in considering coffee bean 'vintages'?

Just curious.

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Hi Tony,

There's literally hundreds of topics about this already existing and easily found via the search function.

Here's just a small sample.

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Ok, thanks Tom. I should have searched first.