Scott Rao starts Prodigal Coffee

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Scott Rao announced via email today that he is starting his own roasting company, Prodigal Coffee, along with Andrew Kelly, founder of Shared Source. They will launch this next week. I asked via Instagram whether they'll sell greens so that roasters can try to simulate their profiles, and they responded that they will when sufficient greens are available. They will offer a discount on the first order to Instagram followers, and customers will be able to cup and score with them and ask questions. Here's the Instagram link.

This link is to their holiday buying guide, that includes the Prodigal Coffee announcement. ... gift-guide

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

Ben Z.

#2: Post by Ben Z. »

Man, he's definitely come a long way. I remember hitting his Cafe in Amherst a couple of times. Both times were served very mediocre espresso from a commercial Rancilio (maybe cimbali).

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Pretty sure he sold that Amherst cafe in the late 90s, but they just kept the name as Rao's.

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Interesting in giving this a try. I really miss Facsimile (which was a cupping venture he did a couple of years ago).

Ben Z.

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Tag Team Jesus wrote:Pretty sure he sold that Amherst cafe in the late 90s, but they just kept the name as Rao's.
Ah. This would have been 2005 or so.

Good to know. There were 2 cafes within 5 miles that were way better.

Capuchin Monk

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Tag Team Jesus wrote: but they just kept the name as Rao's.
Hmm.., that's interesting. ... SY780_.jpg

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#7: Post by LBIespresso replying to Capuchin Monk »

That Rao's might be a tad harder to get a table at :lol:
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#8: Post by SutterMill »

Capuchin Monk wrote:Hmm.., that's interesting. ... SY780_.jpg
That guy has his fingers in everything. Even the marinara.


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Ha I remember seeing that sauce on the shelf at the grocery and first thinking about coffee Rao. I'll pay a pretty penny for good coffee, but bring on the Prego for sauces (Newman's Own when I get fancy.) :mrgreen:

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you've obviously never tried Rao's sauce