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#571: Post by dparrish »

Balthazar_B wrote:We've brewed nearly all of the various Saka blends at different times in the past, some quite a while back, so take the following FWIW, not as a rigorously scientific statement. But the last batch of Crema Bar Matt sent us recently has been the best of all the Saka we've had. It's simply out of this world.

That's why I learned to brew singles. If you get the proper bits of equipment, you can do like I do and drink 8 gram singles to your heart's content. :P
Just ordered a kilo of Crema Bar! Matt is probably getting tired of me placing new orders :D

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#572: Post by SutterMill »

This was my first time trying Saka stateside. Ordered 2lb of Gran Bar based on reviews here and elsewhere.

I'm right back in Italy every sip. Just a delight to drink and hits all the dark roasted notes without the harshness I get with darker roasts in general.

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I usually get either Crema Bar or Grand Bar, and this time it was 2 lbs of Crema Bar. Oh wow! Strong like a punch in the face! I don't recall being that strong.

I usually do 17.5 g. in & around 21-25g out in 30 seconds, then with about 4 oz unsweetened plain soy milk. Usually around 198. I've dropped to 194 degrees & dropped to 17g. dose. Still a strong slap in the face! Not saying anything wrong with it, but I just remember it having such a "bracing" flavor effect.

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Just opened and tasted first shot of Crema Bar, usual FAST delivery from Matt at Cantina Coffee.

I must say, I now understand why many of you love this particular blend! Talk about "punch in the face"? Wow :). This blend has it in spades! Less of the chocolate to be sure than the Gran Bar, which I still love. But the Hazelnut and winey notes are spectacular!

For the first shots on my LMLM, I've stuck with my beforehand settled on parameters which I used successfully with Gran Bar: 20 g in, 20 g out (1:1), 30 seconds or so (plus preinfusion, see below), at 196F.

BTW, I recently installed the new update on the Mini, which enables TRUE preinfusion. I've had my Mini plumbed in since the beginning, but never really cared for the motor on/off "pre-brewing". But with line preinfusion enabled, I've settled on a 10 second 3-bar (pressure on my plumbed line) preinfusion for the Saka coffees. It makes a subtle but noticeable difference: smoother, more sweet, less bitter. Now I think I understand why these Saka coffees pair SO well with levers:).

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How long post roast does Crema Bar stay drinkable? I have a bag thats about a month post roast and was thinking I should put in freezer since I won't open it for another 2 weeks.

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-With the few bags Ive had, I recommend freezing portions on arrival.
-Freshly opened bags don't seem to produce gushers the way I get with fresh US coffees.
-Maybe its a 1kg bag vs 12 oz (~300 gram) thing...