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I know this is a thread for Saka but I wanted to ask if anyone has had the Vesuvius blend from dragonfly? I have a bag and it is super dark and has an oily sheen. Is that how it normally is or did I maybe have it too long in the freezer? Tastes super dark but as straight espresso I almost like it though I have not played with too many variations yet maybe drop temp and a smaller dose. They suggest 198 at 18g with 1:2.5

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It would have been better to post this in a thread where Vesuvius already came up, such as this one:
Dark roast lovers - which is your favorite coffee

...or create one focused on brewing parameters for that particular coffee, making it easier for anyone familiar to contribute to the discussion. And for others to find in the future.
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Thanks, definitely didn't notice that one.


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Not much to say other than I pulled a shot of Crema Bar today that was absolutely perfection, *chefs kiss*

18g in, 26g out in about 27 seconds. Using my Robot, a nice slow ramp up to about 8 bars and held there for the remainder of the shot. Ground on my Pharos 2.0. I've been using a bottom cut down Aeropress paper filter and find I get wonderfully extracted shots and most surprisingly to me, I lose no body or flavors.

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Early impression of the Gran Bar roasted on September 5th. Fresh open today and not really anything to write home about. It seems largely reminiscent of Josuma's Malabar Gold and not as sweet or complex as the Lavazza Gold Selection I've preferred. We'll see how it evolves, but so far it's forgettable and nothing to write home about. This coffee having it's own thread seems to suggest otherwise.... I'll report back if my feelings change. Maybe I just pulled a few duds.
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I have the Crema Bar but I've had to work a little harder with this latest batch. Previously it's just been so easy to pull good shots. So there is variability, whether it's in the greens or the roasting or both. I also recall people posting that Saka can be a little rough when it's too fresh. This batch is the closest to the roasting date (11 days) that I've had. I don't know about that. But I do know that variability happens with every roaster I've every tried.


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I've had a chance to play with the Crema Bar a bit. I tried a 16g->32g in 32s and it was a bit on the harsh side. I readjusted to a different ratio and did 16g->24g in 32s and that is much better. More incense, spice, and much less harsh but still there. Temp was 191F and pulled at 6bar. Decided to go a little short and did a 16->24g in 26s and it was the best yet. Much more spice than the Gran Bar. The top notes are stronger and even push through milk. However, I enjoyed the Gran Bar more. I think it was a better balance between spice and chocolate whereas the Crema Bar is more in my face with spice.


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Try doing a 35 second shot with a 1:1 ratio. I pull it like that and never really get any spice. Mostly just chocolates but I don't have the most refined palate ever.


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Thanks for posting this. I usually use Top Selection, but decided to try the Crema Bar. I had been struggling with dialing it in and was also getting that harsh spice note, that I found unpleasant. I was doing a 1:1.5 ratio, but tried a 1:1 ratio and it removed the harsh spice note and made it much smoother and chocolatey.


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I've got some more Crema Bar in the freezer so I'll pull that out and try a shorter shot.

Recently I've been playing with Tafuri Ravello. I was getting bland shots at a 2:1-30s target. Went to 1.5:1 and it wasn't much better. Nothing bad about it. It is a balanced shot but not much flavor. I was especially looking forward to this one because it was supposed to be fruity from the description. Maybe I'm too used to SO shots and am expecting too much. Not sure. I ran across a post from drgary that aligns with my thoughts on the coffee. He said his best shot was 1:1 but noted mostly chocolate, no fruit. Seems like these coffees like a 1:1. I need to play with that range more. I remember Saka Gran Bar having a wide range of flavorful shots.