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dparrish wrote:What I wonder is does this kind of coffee really benefit more from a lever with the ability to more slowly ramp up pressure...How many of you getting great results are using levers or profiling?
I have to admit ignorance about this sort of thing. What's the idea here with slowly ramping up versus applying full pressure from the start?

I use a Robot but with the Saka I have been pretty much just bringing the hammer down and pulling at the same force the whole time.

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dparrish wrote:What I wonder is does this kind of coffee really benefit more from a lever with the ability to more slowly ramp up pressure...How many of you getting great results are using levers or profiling?
I've gotten consistently great results with the various Saka blends I've tried on my lever machine, without doing anything beyond tweaking the dose and grind for each different blend. But never having pulled Saka on any pump machines, I can't compare and contrast, although it's reasonable to speculate that the flavor profile will probably be different, based on other coffees I've experimented with on both pumps and levers. If I were to generalize on the difference, with coffee, lever is to pump as with audio, tube is to solid state.
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I'm considering ordering a couple of pounds of the Gran Bar but noticed some folks saying they are getting a rubbery taste. Anyone order recently? Good results?


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just opened my bag of gran rubbery taste for me...


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Thanks, I grabbed a bag to try.

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I opened up a bag of Crema Bar dated from 2 May 2022, and it really feels like it is roasted lighter than what I am used to (I had to pull a few shots as I thought I just had the grind setting off at first). I heard some reports that a batch or two was roasted more lightly than before but this is the first time I've personally noticed it. It's fine but I definitely liked it more when it was darker. I will be poking Saka about this when they come back from ferragosto, however I will keep tinkering with the grind and dose to see if it's my bad tastebuds rather than the roast actually being different than from before.
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I just received a kilo of the Gran Bar yesterday. Mine was dated Aug 4th. First shot barely dripped after 18s so I canceled the shot. Adjusted and second shot ran 18g->36g in 34s. Taste just a bit bitter but was creamy, great crema, and tasted pleasant. This morning I adjusted a bit more and got a 31s shot. Much better. Still just a hint of bitterness that was totally lost after I made it into a cortado. Quite a big swing in flavor, texture, and aroma coming off of Lavazza Gran Crema (to be far to Lavazza, it was likely an older bag when I received it.)

I think I'll play with the temp a bit. So far, I'm really liking it.

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As suggested by some here and I followed the advice maybe worth dropping temp down from the 190 range into the 180s and basket size down to 14g but depends on your size preference.


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I've been using brew temps below 190 for Gran Bar and Top Selection, the two Saka blends I've tasted thus far. Currently using 187 degrees on my Lelit Elizabeth but I haven't Scaced this machine so I have no idea if their preset 10 degree offset is reasonable.

The recent Gran Bar batch I just received which was roasted on August 4 appears darker than the Gran Bar roasted in late June. I have the beans side by side and the recent batch is definitely darker but there is no expression of oil on the beans what so ever.

I taste a slight bitterness with the new batch, but the bag was just opened this morning and the beans were still cold from being in the fridge. Perhaps a combination of factors going on here which will iron out by tomorrow. Still, a great cappuccino this morning. Will taste a shot tomorrow.



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I was extracting at 196F. I lowered to 192F but tasted slightly sour. I may drop to 188F and then redial in my grind to see what that gives me. I'm getting some very nice shots at 196F but wonder if I get more subtle flavors dipping lower in temp. I'll play around with it over the next few days.

drgary nailed the aroma of the Gran Bar early in the thread. He said "caramel incense." Perfect description.