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Group Buy (hopefully final) Update: the replacement coffee came in 2 batches. The first arrived on Monday, and the 2nd batch just arrived at my local hub, so I should have it today or tomorrow at the latest. keep an eye on your email (and spam folder) for final shipping invoices. Thanks!

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Final shipping invoices have been sent for all Saka Group Buy participants. Please check your spam folder if you don't see it. Thanks!

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So this is kind of wild.... I just got notice that the original missing coffee is suddenly scheduled for delivery today. Since it wasn't insured, Saka was only reimbursed 100 euros for the package, so they had to eat the cost of the replacement coffee -- approximately $675 in value. It would be great if we could sell this coffee and reimburse Saka. Please send me a PM if you're interested. I've deducted about 15% from the original price to make this a little more enticing. Please figure on $10.75 for 2 day shipping of 3kg or less.

Coffee (1kg bags):
Gran Bar - 6 - $24/each
Top Selection 4 - $26/each
Crema Bar 7 - $22/each
Espresso Bar 1- $19 / each
Classic Bar 1 - $22/each

FYI, I'm buying 3 bags myself, already deducted from the above list.

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Damn that's pretty wild!

I'll guarantee that the quality of the coffee will hardly have diminished in these past few weeks, it holds up well for a good long while.
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FYI, all of the Crema Bar has been claimed.

Also, apparently this coffee was re-boxed by DHL into 2 separate boxes. I received the first one today, and should get the rest on Monday. I'm shipping a couple orders that have paid. Thanks! I'm sure Saka will greatly appreciate it.

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Here's a list of the coffees that are still available. Thanks!

Gran Bar - 6kg - $24

Top Selection - 4kg - $26

Espresso bar - 1kg - $19

Classic Bar - 1kg - $22

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