Roasts specifically for immersion brewing

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Hello, all.
Home-Barista had been very productive when I asked for espresso recommendations.
ISO a new daily driver.

Now it is time for another quest.
I just bought a brand new french press (Crofton) at a yard sale ($6). I have stuck pretty close to JH's technique.
I am using my espresso roast in the FP but the result loses a lot of flavor despite trying a variety of ratios. This is to be expected since most roasts brew best at one or two techniques but certainly not all of them. I remember a Burundi roasted by the now-defunct Prosum roasters which really developed beautifully in a siphon, to the exclusion of every other technique.

Which brings me to my quest: please share your roasts that develop well in a french press or aero especially if you have been able to compare them to other brewing methods.

I have searched H-B prior to posting this and the results are not specific or too old, so here we go, anew. It is likely that there will be a general interest in this thread if it is received much like the previously mentioned.

BuckleyT (original poster)

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*bump* :(


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I can't really help, but try changing dosing 1st, 2nd water temperature, and 3rd dwell time?
I gave away my french press and now alternate between my aeropress and a bonavita immersion-dripper.
Best of luck getting it sorted out.