Roasters who ship coffee in metal containers

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Ben Z.

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Hi. I've seen various photos of coffee packaged in tin cans. Can you give me some names of roasters who use these containers?


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Italian: illy , Paraná, Sant Eustachio, and others to be sure.

US cafe demitasse for special lots, Proud Mary.

There must be more.
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Jittery Joes
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Drive Coffee ships beans in rectangular metal cans that look like old-fashioned motor oil cans. And many of their varieties are named after motorsports, eg. this LeMans bean that I've enjoyed.
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From this morning's Daily Coffee News ... ee-a-spin/

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Thanks, all!

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Gather coffee roasters in Oneida Tennessee is on point. Metal canister and tons of amazing options. Owners are roasters and operators from Seattle and relocated. Amazing shop.

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#8: Post by luca »

You may want to consider whether the containers are sealed or have a valve. AFAIK, coffee "valves" are usually little more than a hole that relies on positive pressure from inside.
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#9: Post by Pressino »

I think most if not all coffee sold in metal cans is vacuum packed...


#10: Post by jpender replying to Pressino »

Illy pressurizes theirs with N2. And I believe their cans have a safety vent.