Roasters shipping via Fedex or UPS?

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#1: Post by lancealot »

Hey all. Can anyone tell me the names of some roasters that ship via Fedex or UPS? I am not looking for free shipping, I just wanna order a 2-5lb bag or fresh roasted coffee that gets delivered when promised. I prefer a roaster on the east coast but that part is not essential. I am looking for medium roast blend chocolate /nutty with a little berry if possible.
I see Howell is on UPS. You know of anyone else?

In the past 2 months I have had quite a few late deliveries from USPS. (including coffee) 2 weeks ago I ordered a 5lber from a west coast roaster and it still has not arrived.

I don't need advice on how to get issues resolved. I don't wanna start a thread bagging on USPS. Just trying to figure out who is using UPS or Fedex to ship coffee, pref on the east coast but not exclusively. Thanks


#2: Post by jgood »

A lot of roasters offer a choice of shipper -- when I had a bag (USPS) go missing the roaster offered to UPS me another -- I suggested we wait one more day, and the postman came through -- but I certainly appreciated the offer.

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#3: Post by kylekoi55 »

Parlor Coffee in Brooklyn has free 2-day Fedex through the end of the year, use code "BYE2020"

Wild Gift Coffee in Austin, Texas has free 2-day Fedex as well. If anyone is looking for something that is a combo of washed Gesha + Kenya (it's that good), I really recommend the El Salvador Washed SL-34. Total steal at $20/12 oz.

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#4: Post by Jeff »

I just ordered from Klatch and was offered UPS as an option.


#5: Post by dreadnatty08 »

Black and White offers UPS as an option and I'll definitely be choosing them going forward. Like you, I've been having issues with USPS and massive delays. Not saying UPS/FedEx are perfect (had a FedEx package come after 5 months!; looked like it'd been through hell), but they've been far more consistent.

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#6: Post by LVD »

Jeff wrote:I just ordered from Klatch and was offered UPS as an option.
You made the right choice. My last order from Klatch took the USPS 12 days to deliver.

Everything I've been expecting from USPS the past few weeks has been delayed. Don't even bother with them until after the holiday season is over, unless you want to pay for 1-3 day shipping that arrives in 2 weeks. If you're lucky.


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#8: Post by jmotzi »

Elixr (Philadelphia) ships via UPS
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#9: Post by BaristaBob »

Intelligentsia just offered free shipping a few days ago using USPS or UPS...I chose UPS!
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