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#11: Post by TenLayers »

In honor of my fellow proletarians around the world, I drink an Americano this morning from this.

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#12: Post by Ken5 »

Did you take that photo? A lot of talent shown in that photo! Did you take it just now for this post? If so... wow!

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#13: Post by TenLayers »

I've been a commercial photographer for thirty years. I did not put much effort into at all. But thanks


#14: Post by nameisjoey »

I've purchased a bag or two from them over the years and while their coffee is usually pretty good it's a bit pricier than what I like to spend for what they offer.

Also, the last time I was in SF I went to the Hayes Valley location and I could not have been more disappointed. The 3 staff there were incredibly rude and impolite, not to mention the shot I got was so under extracted it wasn't even enjoyable. This is coming from someone who drinks his fair share of light roast espresso. After that experience I decided I will spend my money elsewhere, unfortunately.

Chris Baca, one of the Cat and Cloud owners, got his start there. So at least something good has come from them ;)


#15: Post by Tj. »

I found their coffee all the way out in Ann Arbor Michigan, I think it's talked about quite a lot :D.

I have found some of the best aren't discussed on social media because they are already widely known and enjoyed and consistently good so there is not much to talk about. I also think people talking about coffee online are in the minority of coffee consumers so while names fall in and out of fashion to regurgitate on coffee forums, the popularity of a given shop is not closely tied to their references online.