Revel Coffee - Colombia Washed Nitro Caturra

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#1: Post by travis_rh »

I picked up a bag of this through Fellow Drops. It is crazy!

It's a caturra from Colombia where the producer, Julio Cesar Madrid Tisnes, inoculates the depulped beans with specific strains of yeast and bacteria and then nitrogen flushes the containers.

The flavors are crazy - cucumber and melon candy.

As I write this, I'm considering picking up more from Revel directly. Haha.

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Opened up the bag this weekend with a friend and dialed it in. Melon is what you smell and what you taste. Pretty insane, and so good.
I will definitely consider picking more up from Revel in the near future. This bag will be on my mind for some time considering how accurate and prominent their flavor notes were.

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#3: Post by travis_rh (original poster) »

Yeah, same here. Glad you enjoyed it as well.

It's one of the few coffees I've had where they absolutely nailed the tasting notes. And that aroma is just crazy. And it's not even a co-ferment! Mind. Blown. Haha.

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#4: Post by RyanJE »

I'm sorry, but this is all just odd and a little obscure (TO ME). I want to taste coffee and the terroir / quality of the bean..

All this aerobic fermentation, naturals, etc... is just goofy to me. Might as well drink flavored coffee... now if I was in Ethiopia on a farm and all they had to drink was a sun dried coffee, I would oblige.. it would be about the experience in the environment at that point...

I even try to avoid patio dried and machine dried coffees.
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I picked up a bag of this after seeing this thread and another couple of comments on Reddit. How were/are you brewing this?

I had two small (10g) immersion brews in a mugen-switch this morning. 3:00 soak, 90 sec draw down. 1:15 ratio. First brew was at 200F, second brew was at 195F. Grind size was just what I was using for my previous beans on V60. I'll probably go coarser and stay at 200F for my next brew. I'm curious about how other people are brewing it.

Both my cups were enjoyable, very much in the ball park of where I want to be. Low acidity, pronounced melon flavor. Floral cantaloupe/honey dew, sweetness and ferment.

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#6: Post by Pigeontree »

Revel is great, they had a Kenyan Ngomano release that I recently bought 3 pounds of, absolutely delicious. Shame they sold out as I am not yet ready to say goodbye to these beans.

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#7: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

Funny I am in Tokyo and went to Glitch yesterday. One of the shops producing specialty coffee in a unique way. Look what I had as a pour over. Definitely a honeydew melon sweet, clean taste. I am sure it's this same coffee since they are Caturras and Nitro Washed.

Glitch only lets one group of people in the shop at a time. They give you a choice of traditional, innovation, hard to find, competition coffee. About 4 in each category. You get to look at the flavor profiles and smell them.

They did a good job. Sometimes the wait time can be 45-90 minutes to get in.

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#8: Post by mkane »


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#9: Post by HRace »

Wow. This coffee is crazy for me.

The tasting notes are for sure spot on. I just couldn't imagine watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber water, etc. But sure enough, loud and clear it comes through.

I will really enjoy this bag but one bag is plenty. I'll stick to the more traditional Ethiopian flavor beans. Fun to try, thanks for posting this one. I didn't grab it through fellow drops but it was fun getting straight from Revel as it's a 12 oz bag vs. the 10.5oz I believe that Fellow Drops offered.

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#10: Post by HBchris »

anyone try this as espresso?