Resources to educate myself about coffee varieties/varietals

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I recently upgraded my home espresso setup and am excited to further my coffee education. Over the past 2 or so years, I have maintained some specialty coffee subscriptions and done plenty of shopping around to try different blends (not so much SO's as that always felt risky given my incapable setup at the time but that's not a concern anymore) to look for my taste preferences and also explore the world through the lens of this drug of choice.

What I am looking to do now is to explore coffee with lot more intentionality (but short of roasting at home -- don't want to get sucked into yet another rabbit hole). What are some good resources to educate myself with origin characteristics, coffee varieties/varietals, tasting notes corresponding to each, etc.? The place I want to get to is to look at the origin and varietals described on a bag of coffee, and be able to envisage the taste characteristics and judge if it's something I would prefer. Be able to tell a yellow bourbon from a caturra, if you will! (Easier said than done, I am aware.)

I keep Hoffman's World Atlas of Coffee handy and that is indeed a great reference. I also discovered recently, which seems pretty useful. Are there other resources you would recommend?

On the more experiential side of it, what are some good roasters I should keep in mind as I set out on this path? Maybe what I am looking for is good quality and/or great variety collection of Single Origins.