Resource (book?) about varietals/variety of the coffee and how it affects extraction?

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Hi all, as the title says,
I realized I haven't written in my notes book and haven't been able to easily accumulate information from videos and articles or my own tasting.
I'd love a book that would give me more info about varietals and their taste profiles but most importantly, understanding (nothing complicated) about how one variety is more dense than another which would give me a better hint on how to extract it better.

Anyone have any ideas? thanks!


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No ideas. But I too would be interested seeing the results of such an endeavour.


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The World Atlas of Coffee by James Hoffman is a great book. It includes a profile of coffee by country.

Not exactly the answer you're looking for, but FYI.

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A bit technical, but it does cover pretty much all commercial varieties and has a "quality potential at altitude" rating:

Density is also related to altitude, local climate, farming methods, etc., so the answer isn't as straightforward as looking at variety. In addition, roasting affects extraction.
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