Rehydrated process coffees

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I did a quick search for 'rehydrated' in this forum but didn't find anything so I figured I'd ask:

has anyone heard anything about 'rehydrated' processed coffees?

First time i've seen it: ... 0684268587

Here's the description from birdrock: "The Rehydration Process can be thought of as a hybrid between a natural and washed process coffee. After the coffee cherries are picked, they're allowed to continue to ripen under the shade of the wet mill for 24 hours. They are then rinsed, sorted, and placed on the drying patio for 3 days. Once the cherries are dried to the texture of a raisin, they are recollected and soaked in spring water, softening the fruit and making it easier to remove. The cherries are then depulped, washed, and moved to raised beds to dry for 28 days."

When I hear 'between natural and washed' I think different degrees of honey processed...that doesn't seem like what this is...anyone have any insights or thoughts on this processing method?


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Black and White called this "hydrowashed" when they the Uganda Gamatui Sipi Falls that was dried 5 days as a natural then rehydrated, washed, and dried. I didn't really see the point, flavor-wise, when I tried that particular one but presumably it could be good.

I don't think there's any consensus as to name because it's pretty uncommon. To me it seems like it's basically a partial-natural but, more importantly, it's novel and the market loves novel processes right now.


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It's sometimes referred to as a "hydro-natural-honey" process. The rehydration part is purely mechanical, as noted - it's so the cherry can be pulped.