Red Sea Blend recipe?

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#1: Post by StuartM »

Anybody got a reasonable Red Sea Blend recipe. I usually get my preroast blend from CBC but they are out and can't say for sure when they will restock. I have a number of Ethiopian on hand, I believe it's two Ethiopian and Yemen, but don't know a guess at ratios. Haven't found another green supplier of the blend either. Any tips ?

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#2: Post by another_jim »

The original was a 50/50 mix of a southern Ethiopian, e.g. Yrg or Sidamo, and a northern Ethiopian, e.g. Harar, or a Yemen. This is a mix of wet climate and dry climate coffees, and aims at a fruit and chocolate profile. But I've also seen mixes of Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees labelled "red sea" blends (yes, I know Kenya is not on the Red Sea, and I'm pretty sure the blenders knew too, but "East African blend" doesn't have the same pizzazz.); these are lot brighter, more floral, more third wave; the idea is that the sweetness of the Yrg mellows the edginess of the Kenyan.

It's not as much of a moving target as "Mocha-Java," but it is close.
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