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martinlhoff wrote:I'm also a (relative?) beginner, and based on recommendations here ended up very much in love with Northbound's American Beauty, and now added B&W Gesha Village Natural (B&W Original and Classic are good, but Gesha's superb). Tried a couple of Lusso's and found them too dark.
For the life of me I couldn't get a good shot out of B&W Classic. I love a lot of their others pour over and drip but that one evades me... Thx!!


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I highly enjoy Third Coast Coffee's Pacifica Espresso and El Guapo Espresso. Both are medium to dark roasts which I find excellent for cappuccinos.

They roast here in Austin but obviously will ship it out.


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chanty 77 wrote:I also really enjoy B&W's Classic. How would you describe Gesha's other than superb? I also do not care for too dark of roasts. Found Lusso's to be a little ashy & bitter no matter what I did. Is Gesha very acidic? Thanks.
I find Gesha is smooth, slightly chocolatey, "rounded", medium to light.

As I've mentioned, still a bit of a beginner so my range is a bit simplified... "chocolatey--> good!" and "acid or bitter --> bad!"

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threesips wrote:I often recommend Caffe Lusso Gran Miscela Carmo to people looking for a forgiving blend that still has a bit of personality. Since you've already tried and liked that one, here are some others I have enjoyed with and without milk:

Verve: Sermon
George Howell: Alchemy
Olympia: Big Truck
Cat and Cloud: The Answer
Buon Giorno: Autunno (roasted a little darker than the others, and with a touch of Robusta)
How long do you typically let the Cat and the Clound de-gas before pulling?

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Espresso Vivace Vita (milk drinks) and Dolce (espresso only) and Olympia Big Truck/Sweetheart are on my current subscription list. All are pretty easy to dial in. Sweetheart requires a bit longer rest (7-10 days) than others, which can be enjoyed pretty much immediately. I drink almost exclusively cappuccinos, but any of the above are also great without milk.

I find the above to be more interesting than GMC with milk, and in the same ballpark in roast level.