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Yeah, I'd suggest just looking through some of the threads here on popular espresso beans. Don't look for Light on these as that will be a different world altogether. Paradise Nuevo, Red Bird Blue Jaguar, Klatch Belle, Olympia Big Truck, etc. shipping from these online roasters is quick and fresh. Buying 5 pounds at a time and freezing most of it makes for good value, though if you don't like it you're rather stuck. But yeah, NY has some great options too that may be local to you. You'll find some good stuff!
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Try Leam Hammer. :) ... whole-bean

Also, I've greatly enjoyed the LaMarzocco Home subscription, where you get something different every month. It is quite an education in variety.

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jinrowang wrote:If there is any particular brand of light roasted beans you can recommend, I'm ready to go all for it.
You really can't go wrong with most anything from Olympia Coffee Roasters in Washington. Only downside is now you have to order 4 250g bags at a time to get free shipping, but as someone else pointed out, You can freeze whole unopened bags until you are ready to use and easily keep them fresh for a couple of months.

Their Little Buddy blend is one of the best blends for lattes IMO (think Swiss Milk chocolate with some brightness / acidity) and all of there single origin coffees are well developed and range from light to Medium.

Also I would say that light roast on the Starbucks scale is closer to dark roast in the world of 3rd wave specialty roasters.

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Thanks for the reply! I'll check it out:) Yeah SB is way too dark amd I need real light roast coffee!