Recommendation for coffees similar to "The Future" from Black and White Roaster

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Black and White roaster are temporarily not offering The Future. I have tried their Original and it was only ok. What would you recommend (roaster and bean) would you recommend that is similar to The Future while I wait for B&W to offer it again?

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What did you like about The Future?

I can guess, but making suggestions of coffee, which changes from harvest to harvest and even from roast batch to batch, is hard enough without guesses involved!

Are you still using the Rocky as your espresso grinder?

jjava (original poster)

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My best description will be that it is very bright.

No I am no longer using the Rocky for espresso... that is now my pour over grinder. I should go change info ...

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There are probably many options from North American roasters as well as from farther afield, if you get adventurous and want to head into lighter roasts.

TL;DR: Look for "natural" or "experimental" processing of high-quality greens from a reputable roaster, probably sticking at US-level medium or perhaps venturing into medium-light. All experimental processing isn't good, some tastes like you'd imagine a garbage bin on a hot afternoon would.


"The Future" looks to be a rotating selection that puts "natural" or more "experimental" processing at a medium roast into packaging that is more friendly than all kinds of fancy names. Coffee has pretty much always been "fermented", but people are starting to make it a more controlled process than what has been historically used. Christopher Feran gives a great list of some of the processing techniques at ... processes/

For those often fruity, many times "tropical" flavors, moving away from "washed" or "demucilaged" processing into natural or some of the more experimental ones will probably get you more of them. As a warning, not all experimental fermentation processes result in great beans. Vietnamese Nuoc Mam is a wonderfully flavorful fermentation product, but fish-sauce flavors on my coffee isn't for me. Some have been even more colorfully described.

You need a combination of greens, processing, and roasting to end up with a great cup.

I know several that I'd trust with light and ultra-light roasts, but not so any for mediums. Black & White has a pretty good reputation and The Natural I got from them was solid, reasonably as described on their website. Maybe look through their single-origins and pick ones that intrigue you?

A user on another forum suggested Elixir, perhaps their Lunar Lander. I don't have any personal experience with their coffees.


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I'd suggest one of the many alternative processed coffees B&W carries. The Future is usually comprised of a washed anaerobic and a natural anaerobic coffee in their lineup. Maybe buy one of each out of their current offerings and see which you like best.

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Thank you both for your replies. Yes, I have ordered quite a few single origins from B&W and most of them is at least good, with the exception of 1. I have been keeping a spreadsheet to see what I like and don't like or neutral from them that I have gotten. Their color coding has helped. Since single origns offering gets sold out I was hoping to look for something more permanent that can be always on my rotation. I will look take a look at Elixir.

Side note: Before early this year, I have been drinking almost exclusively RedBird Jaguar, read about B&W and decided to give The Future a try and instantly fell in love with it.


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Onyx does a similar roast called Tropical Weather. They are quite pricey though. I believe Tropical Weather was a bit "juicier" than The Future from what I recall. I feel like the Future is roasted a tad darker. They also have Southern Weather which would still retain some of the fruitiness of The Future but add in more traditional notes. The Future promotes mainly Ethiopian natural coffees.


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Can you share which roasters you are referring to for light to ultra-light roasts that you trust. I am having trouble finding a good recommendation for light and ultra-light roasts.

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I have yet to find a "100%" roaster. Ones that I've had reasonable luck with over the past year include Tim Wendelboe, Coffee Collective, Manhattan, Sey, April, Apollon's Gold, and Flower Child.


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Thank you, I will give some of these a try after I finish with my Onyx order. Have you had issues with shipping from the EU, particularly orders being delayed.