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Two thoughts - will a consumer level vacuum sealer remove enough oxygen to make a difference? I thought i remember seeing that discussion posted elsewhere and the answer was "probably not." Secondly - is nitrogen flushing that difficult? I remember getting my paintball gun filled with nitrogen back during my paintball days. Conceivably all that is needed is a way to efficiently replace the oxygen in a bag or mason jar with nitrogen. I've been very impressed with terroir's nitrogen flushed packing of roasted beans.
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I would consider the Foodsaver machines to be consumer level & they do suck out enough oxygen to make a difference. No experience with the Reynolds Handi-Vac bags.

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I haven't tried freezing beans with it, but my Reynolds vacuum unit can turn a bag of beans into an inflexible brick, so I would think that's enough oxygen removed. Since I have no facilities to test, and I never roast so much that there are beans enough to merit freezing, I'll leave the more substantial testing up to others.
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I am not sure that the vacuum is that important when freezing beans. I use the Handivac, which seems to do a good job, but I am not really sure it helps with freezing.
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