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Flying Monkey, Flatlander & Southpaw. Anyone try any of these blends for espresso drinks? PTs said they don't use Flatlander for espresso/espresso drinks, mainly Flying Monkey & Southpaw. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with the company & their roasts? Southpaw is listed as a Medium-Light. Guess I have a difficult time thinking a lighter medium could work well in a milk based espresso drink? Thanks.

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No one?


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Haven't had PT's in years, but I do recall them being on the vanguard of brighter espressos. Both South Paw and Flying Monkey are fine in milk, with the former a bit better suited for the job. Again, this was years ago and it's possible they are are using different equipment and techniques. They are almost assuredly using different coffees. That said, they are very skilled roasters and I was very impressed with their consistency.

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Thanks! It's between them & Barrington for my next order.


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I have bought coffee from PT's on a semi regular basis for the past few years. They suggest Flying Monkey for milk drinks & Southpaw for straight shots or short milk. I find both to be bright and acidic preferring Southpaw since I drink mostly straight shots. High quality, consistent, just a little more acidic than I like for my main day to day espresso.


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Yep, in reading their site, it looks like I flipped the profiles of Southpaw and Flying Monkey. At one point, I recall thinking both were too acidic to my liking, but my equipment wasn't anywhere near what I have today. Also, the way we pull shots has changed to accommodate the additional acidity we get from these blends. I recall them sourcing a truly incredible SO Ethiopian that just smelled of blueberries- it wasn't subtle either. They really complemented the character of that coffee with their roast profile.

Btw, it's fascinating to me that the choice is between Barrington and PT's- they are very much on opposite ends of the spectrum to me. Barrington's offerings remind me much more of comfort food blends with that more traditional Snickers profile.

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I like trying different blends. I pretty much stick with B&W (Classic & Traditional) & Nossa's Full Cycle. Both have some acidity (fruit) in them--but not overly acidic. They are all Medium blends. Really have gotten away from dark blends---too smoky, bitter for me now. I don't know that I can ever say, 'Wow, I taste chocolate" in any of the blends I've tried. I like a more balanced blend--some fruit, some chocolate (if that is what I'm tasting), maybe nuts/caramel--but balanced---not ALL choc. or ALL fruit. I say Barrington & PTs cuz PTs has free shipping for a low amount & Barrington sent me a free shipping offer on $30 orders which would be easy to do. I really like Olympia's Sweetheart & Big Truck, but right now can't justify shipping over $13 for 2 bags of beans. The same with some other companies I'd love to try, shipping is too crazily high.


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Maybe give Temple's Dharma Espresso Blend a try! Free shipping on orders over $30 and it's a Brazil/Colombian/Ethiopian blend. I plan to try this next after I kill a few other bags.

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Thanks gonna remember this & try it after I finish what I have already ordered (Nossa's Full Cycle) & plan to order soon--Barrington Gold & Super Malabar.