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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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ridgerunner161 wrote:The above was based on memory and I hope I didn't omit any critical details. My time at Vivace was cut short as my son spilled his cup of hot chocolate, creating a most beautiful brown waterfall over polished granite. We collected our things and left.
What a fabulous first post! Here's hoping for more of your recollections....


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i'm not sure why, but I find this thread incredibly interesting.

For me it is extremely uncomfortable to hold the demitasse by its little handle. I pick up the cup with my thumb and middle finger just under the rim, take a big sniff and a couple of sips, sniff again and down the shot allowing it to coat the tongue.

The sniffing is very important. The sips are loud in a cupping sort of way - to get the espresso to spray into the mouth with air.


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After dinner, on the patio, with a good cigar, and late '50s Jazz on the iPod.


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Same, but make it west coast jazz on the stereo.

I am a firm believer that the surrounding can make a bad shot good, a good shot great, and a great shot a god shot. That is why, when 'truly' tasting, I always do it in the kitchen.
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TUS172 wrote:Imagine the old Clint Eastwood westerns or dare I date myself... "Wagon Train or Gunsmoke"
OK, now REALLY date yourself. Was that "Gunsmoke" with Chester as the sidekick, or was it that newbie, Festus? Bonus question: What was Chester's disability? I can't believe I actually remember this nonsense, considering the state of my short term memory :-)

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I hope this isn't too far off topic but at one fine establishment I was served a small glass of water with my espresso. I'd never seen this before. I'd gotten lemon peels before and not knowing what they were for, used them to stabilize the table. :wink:
So, being the uncouth peasant my mother always claimed, I tossed the water over my left shoulder in a rhythmic cadence to the clack of the cup onto the saucer. :roll:

But seriously folks, what was the water for? To wash away the lingering tastes? I mean its not as if I was moving on to a second course and therefore needed my palate "cleansed".

I vote for Berlioz with a A.F. Hemingway "Signature"! or maybe a CAO Crillo with Charlie Haden, or ...

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edwa wrote:But seriously folks, what was the water for? To wash away the lingering tastes? I mean its not as if I was moving on to a second course and therefore needed my palate "cleansed".
I've never had a fine espresso at a fine restaurant, so I can only assume the water was a safeguard against an unfortunate aftertaste. On the other hand, it's standard practice in Vienna: A silver tray, small glass of water, cafe creme. I drank the water when I got thirsty, which happened faster in smoky cafes. Perhaps your fine restaurant wanted to emulate the Viennese custom?
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I saw this done in Sicily. You drink the water first to cleanse your palate, then drink the espresso. You want the coffee taste on your tongue and in your mouth. Don't drink the water afterwards!

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Oh my God- BEFORE? I made a fool of myself every single day the month I spent in Buenos Aires. There, you get a small glass of cold sparkling water and a little sweet (a tiny medialuna, or a tiny alfajore) with your espresso, always.
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I enjoy my doubles with 5-ish smaller sips over the course of 2-3 minutes.
I usually try to cleanse my palate of breakfast with a few sips of cold water.
All in the kitchen either listening to or humming a Wes Montgomery tune. (or possibly Miles Davis)

Oh yea! no luck on actually enjoying singles yet. haha :roll:
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