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Milligan wrote:Thanks for the review. Overall, how do you think it compares to other roasters commanding similar price points? Raspberry notes through milk sounds divine.
Hard comparison to make. I did use up some Tim Wendelboe coffees that arrived maybe 12 days before these. Both were good. I was able to snag some Finca el Suelo, and it was a blast to experience it. But the Honduran geisha was not so good. His espresso was good, but no where as good as the La Argentina from Prodigal. I also went thru some more Manhattan Coffee Roasters (Letty Bermudez) and have sorta sworn off Manhattan as overpriced gimmick BS. It's fairly subjective though.
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Thanks for your input. I plan to grab a bag when Prodigal is ready for their next round. I'm more familiar with B&W, Onyx, and Sey (stateside roasters) so I'll be interested to dig into a bag.


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I just opened a bag of the espresso roast of the La Argentina pink bourbon. Haven't pulled any espresso with it yet, but it made a spectacular aeropress. Nice and sweet, well balanced with apple and melon acidity, slight hint of vanilla on the finish, didn't get the mango. Great thick body, while also being extremely clean. Price seems very reasonable to me for a "premium" coffee. Less than the spectacular Mamuto AA Kenyan that I had from George Howell, which i think was $28 for 8oz. I quite like the experimentally processed coffees from Manhattan etc, but would kind of argue that they're their own thing, and they're around double the price. Certainly if anyone can point me to a better Colombian for less money, I'd be interested to give it a try.


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Expect to see a release in the coming days. Rao posted a blog earlier this week that seems to indicate a drop coming soon. For those that aren't subscribed to their email list and are interested in picking up a bag, I suggest you sign up.


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They refreshed their offering. I picked up the Colombian La Cruz to try. I was curious about the blend but would rather try a SO the first go around. Looks like some is already sold out.


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They refunded my purchase. The email said the batches are still going out but they did not meet their standards so they are issuing refunds. I got my La Cruz in the mail yesterday. For those interested, it is a 24 on roast vision.

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Me too. Odd email. Not sure what I'm getting, if anything. I ordered 3 coffees 10 days ago. UPS tracking says it's "on the way".

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Yeah, my now-free bag of their "Score Booster" blend is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I'm trying to keep in mind that we are essentially helping them beta-test their operation. Related: IIRC they're using a borrowed Probat and anticipating a switch to IMF roasters in the not-too-distant future (source: email). Depending on how this latest bag holds up I may just pause until they've worked out the kinks. I suppose I should appreciate their honesty, but I'd rather be able to trust that what they send out is expected to be good, full stop. Also, yes, their shipping is slow.
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jbviau wrote:I'm trying to keep in mind that we are essentially helping them beta-test their operation.
It's a good callout. I spoke to Ryan (from Facsimile) at length and came to understand that they had various operational challenges related to fulfillment during their time in business. It's not clear whether Prodigal has learned from those experiences. I also placed an order as a flyer, and will now reset my expectations.


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Interesting - i made an order on the 3rd, no emails at all, but looking at the order link in the text that I received, it's sitting at the local post office waiting to be delivered tomorrow.