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Since I have been searching for US sellers of Nordic roaster, I thought others might be also. I just had a good experience with my first purchase of a Coffee Collective coffee from Pour Cleveland. Pour Cleveland charged pretty much the same price as the roaster would. The roast date was listed before I ordered. The one I got was roasted less than five weeks ago. I assume when coffee roast dates are not listed, they are within a month but I am not sure. You can chat with someone at PourCleveland to confirm before ordering a coffee to confirm. They also have sales on longer roasted coffee.

I got mine today after ordering last Wednesday - I assume ordering early in the week would avoid a weekend delay. Glad to find an easy way to get these coffees in US.


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Being from Cleveland, I'd definitely say these guys are a great group of coffee experts. Their own roasted stuff is pretty great too, Nordic style FYI.


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Yes, I asked and the person answered that it is pretty light too. There are only two now. I will get one of the Pour coffees eventually.


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Glad I saw this topic. Ordered three bags today. One from Tim Wendelboe, one from Koppi, and another from Coffee Collective. I'm from Pittsburgh so shipping should be quick. I have a friend in Berlin who has drank these roasters so it will be cool to have beans to compare.

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Pour Cleveland is adding the roast date more and more. I ordered some Wendelboe coffees a few days after roast date and got them a few days later. Now, that I am letting coffee rest for 15+ days from roast, I am waiting to use some I am getting from Pour Cleveland.

I hope more shop from it so it continues.

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In for a penny in for a pound (of their espresso blend)...it's been ages since I bought roasted coffee but my wife's from Cleveland and I think the name is hilarious :-)