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I recently bought 10 ounces of a Pepe Jijon bean from Onyx. Ecuador La Soledad Typica Mejorado Tyoxidator.

This is the most expensive coffee I've ever bought and I'm looking for some advice, specifically on the rest period. I plan to vacuum seal and freeze most of these beans until my Kafatek arrives in February. Looking for advice on the expected optimal rest range for these beans. I normally sign up to the belief that the most of my coffees will peak between 7-14 days post roast. I would normally take that same approach here, but I don't see myself spending this much on another coffee anytime soon, so therefore looking for some advice to optimize these 10 ounces. I plan to do a mix of pour over, aeropress, and the Strietman CT2.

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Oh wow, well, I'm excited for you. Not totally sure I'd wait on the grinder. Personally I'd drink it between 10 and 21 days, and just enjoy!

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Reading Onyx's long-form description of the "Expressive Moderate" roast profile linked in the description of the coffee, my instinct would be to start by drinking it close to the roast date. As the nature of your question implies, there are a range of preferences about this. I struggle to think that waiting 4-6 weeks off roast without tasting anything makes sense, even for those who might find a rest of that length ideal. At that price point I would be inclined to solicit customer service for some insight about how they approached resting it at the roastery.

If you wanted to get sense for the impact of resting on this particular coffee you could pull out 60 grams (roughly 20%) and freeze the rest. Cup 10 grams a week for 6 weeks. That could give you something to do till your Kafatek arrives. This exercise should give you a sense for your preferred rest period for this coffee and maybe even how you might prefer to brew it. At the end you'll still have 220 grams to brew with. Could also build expectations up a bit. :roll:

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Depending on which Agtron scale they use, that sounds like what I'd call a "Medium" from my light-roast focused perspective. I'd probably crack that for filter a week or two off roast.