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Has anyone tried Peet's in SF mail order service. Wondering what your experience has been.


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I think they are actually located across the bay from SF. I've ordered beans from them online before. It's been a little while. As I recall they shipped within a few days and the coffee was freshly roasted. It was an Ethiopian coffee and was way, way, way too dark and oily for my tastes. I threw most of it into the compost bin.

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kray (original poster)

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Thanks for the reply. Also thank you for the PM informing me that it was Peet's not Pete's. I appreciate all attempts not call out my ignorance publicly. However, I felt obligated to do it myself.


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kray wrote:Thanks for the reply. Also thank you for the PM informing me that it was Peet's not Pete's.

That wasn't me. Did you originally misspell it? I hadn't noticed.

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Peet's is definitely east bay. I wrote up a short thread about them a few years ago. Folks should know, even the most hard-core light roast acolyte, that Peet's does lighter roast of insanely high quality coffees, but the catch is they're only available via their website for direct shipment orders.

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I don't love their more roasty offerings, but I won't hesitate to explore some of their finer things, that aren't shared via their normal routes of sales.
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In general, they've got 20% off running, so this might be a great time to try. A couple of other offers including free shipping with email sign-up as well, but I don't know if they stack.

You've got me curious, as I had always considered Peet's far too dark for my tastes even when I was pulling local (SF) espresso blends.

Right now their website only lists "Medium" SOs and nothing in their "Light" category. Have you seen "Light" offerings in the past?

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I have been using a lot of Peet's coffees over the last 6 months. My taste runs to medium and darker roasts. I tried a bunch of their coffees many years ago (30) and they were all incredibly dark and I didn't like them. Most of their current offerings are very good. They ship the coffee when it's roasted, but since Covid, it takes a few days to get in the mail. I'm in the Bay Area and get the coffee within 2 days. In MN, undoubtedly longer. Their coffees are quite reasonable (sell in 1 lb bags) and shipping is free over $30. Some of their nicest coffees on on-line only. I don't care for their Espresso Forte which is their standard pull in their shops -- it's OK, but a bit harsh. Their Holiday Blend is great for a (dark) espresso and their recent Peruvian coffee, now gone, was terrific. If you're a first-time buyer, you can get a very good deal on price/shipping. I've gotten good results with 199-200 temps and resting the coffee for 5-7 days with the most recent ones I've tried.

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Jeff wrote:Right now their website only lists "Medium" SOs and nothing in their "Light" category. Have you seen "Light" offerings in the past?

They have some light blends right now.
Like this one: ... ica-aurora

I used to drink pretty much only Peet's. My tastes have changed. And I'm still kind of pissed off that they divested themselves of the great teas they used to sell in favor of junkier ones. Big companies tend to only get worse as time goes on, unfortunately.

But it's possible that their less-than-roasted-untill-burnt coffees are pretty good. I'd love to read a review here of something currently available.
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#9: Post by dparrish »

While I would never buy Peet's in the supermarket (no Peet's stores around here), their online roast-to-order service has managed to pleasantly surprise me. In fact, they offer some unique and very tasty choices that are hard to find anywhere else. I think there is something to be said for a company large enough to be able to afford the trouble of sourcing unique or scarce beans and then having the experience/know-how to roast them right. I have a subscription right now to one of their offerings so good, that I hesitate to mention it (Arabian Mocha Sanani)):. I'll admit though that I don't care for light roasts, only medium to dark.

I like variety, and I buy coffee from roasters both large and small. I buy what I like, and experience has taught me not to ignore a company's offerings just because they're large and well-known, even ubiquitous (though not as ubiquitous as Starbucks). Peet's knows they have to be able to compete in the roast-to-order business, and in my opinion, they're doing a good job of it. For someone just starting out (or more experienced), they offer a good selection, good prices, and excellent service.

kray (original poster)

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Sounds like its time to give them a try. Thanks for all the feedback. I'll order a few pounds and came back to this thread.