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I've never tried Passenger's coffee and figure it's time to change that. Happy to hear recommendations for what to try. I'm likely to avoid the extra precious ($) stuff, and will primarily brew as V60 and Chemex.

Thank you!


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Montecarlos Gesha is great.

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When I first ordered from Passenger, I dropped them a line on their chat system. They were very helpful matching my tastes to their offerings. I found the range of coffees that I have ordered from them in the past to be well curated, reasonably described, and well roasted.


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tyfabes wrote:Montecarlos Gesha is great.
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skittles_s (original poster)

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Thanks for the Montecarlos recommendation. Any others?


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I reached out to them to confirm recommendations for my espresso desires earlier this week. Their customer service was really good and i was able to order with a bit more confidence. I wouldn't hesitate to try that if you are interested in a particular flavor profile for your brew method.


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What kind of coffee and roasts are you into? I have experience with their range and can make some recommendations.

My top 3 are:

- Montecarlos El Salvador
- Brazil Daterra
- Burundi Heza for something lighter and brighter

A lot of their reserve lots are very lightly roasted and are better off for pour over. They will be challenging for espresso and may not be what you like.

For a more approachable taste profile, their Stowaway blend is solid.


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I've used many of their coffees for espresso, with good result. I think it just depends on your equipment and approach.

As far as a recommendation, it would be good to know what kind of coffees you are interested in. If we're looking at their "foundational" menu, Agaro (Ethiopia) has been a long standing favorite of mine.

Other lower priced "reserve lot" coffees I've had recently and would recommend would be San Mateo, Yabitu Koba, Omar Ibanez.

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Thanks for the added responses.

I do not intend to brew anything as espresso, just V60 and Chemex.

I like typical brighter SOs for this: floral, citrus, berries, stone fruit, etc.

One of the best home brews I had recently was a Kenyan from Talormade that's elderflower note was spot on.

I live a few blocks from George Howell so the Daterra may be somewhat pedestrian as I get a good example of that regularly here.

Let me know if that changes the suggestions. I really appreciate the shared wisdom here!

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Final question:

If you were to order one 2 lb bag of any of your suggestions, which one would it be? What do you feel most confident about delivering a "wow"?