Panama Gesha from Origin Coffee in UK

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Hi all,

I am frequent customer of origin coffee in the uk and noticed they have on pre-order Panama gesha coffee. It is quite expensive, so I wonder what is your opinion on geshas, how would you brew them (in the past I only brew them on v60).

I tried some of them in the USA and they were hit and miss, I only really enjoyed one and for the rest I didn't see they were anything extravagant/different to justify high cost. So I stopped buying them.

This is the link for more information

Thank you


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Howdy! To be fully transparent I have only had a Costa Rican based Geisha coffee. Expensive stuff - and I'm sure the Panamanian version is way more. I usually have this via a V60 Hario pour over - but I have experimented with my Breville Barista Express. (I use a Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder) Just yesterday I was able to replicate a shot that tasted just like a pour over. Very good shot - but I still think you get the full effect with a pour over.

I'm still experimenting with how to best pull a shot using it. Have you tried it as espresso?

Jazzcat (original poster)

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Hi, I haven't tried it as espresso. I tried this coffee only with V60, and it didn't have a wow factor for me. It tastes a bit like tea, so i have tried to experiment with different grind settings to see if I could get more flavours out of it. I use comandante hand grinder for filter coffee, it gives me a starting point (number of clicks) that I use with other coffee and then I adjusted the settings each time I made a cup. There were slight improvements. I have about 5 cups left to make so I will see if any of the remaining cups will give me a memorable experience. The cost is roughly 6 times more than a regular bag of coffee and for my palate I didn't get such enjoyment. I purchased the bag more out of curiosity than anything else.

Few years ago, perhaps 4-5 years ago, Stumptown in the US had a nice gesha coffee from Honduras, if memory serves me right. That coffee was different than usual, and I could understand the price difference.


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I certainly think you get a better flavor spectrum using the pour over method. When I do the pour over I do boil the water (rather than bring it to 205 or 206F) and start brewing right away. My recipe is using 22 grams to ~14 ounces of water. If I calculated right that is about 1:19 coffee to water ratio.
It is a light coffee (at least from my roaster) that is extremely smooth and has floral and stone fruit flavors. (Kiwi, peach, watermelon come to mind) It changes as it cools too, so there is a lot of "depth" (at least that is what I'll call it) to it.
I did get better flavor when I ground it with my Eureka Specialita vs my drip coffee grinder. Normally I grind it pretty coarse toward the French press realm.

Maybe this will help? Let me know.

Jazzcat (original poster)

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Thanks for the advice, I will play with it more, I only have 5 cups left to make - it was rather small package.