Onyx now lists the actual Agtron roast level / now has service charges

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I've been using a roast colorimeter for some time to help narrow the starting point for dialing in new coffees, and I just noticed that Onyx is now listing the Agtron level for its offerings. One case in point is their Monarch, which is currently at 64.3 (the upper end of medium dark), and which I have previously measured as 77 (upper end of medium) and 82 (lower end of medium light at different times.

Another case is the current trend among some roasters to label some coffee as "dark" (for the dark-associated flavors) when the actual roast level can be at the upper end of medium light or even light (as for Intelligentsia Black Cat and Analog espresso).


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So rad.
I just wish everyone could/would do this.
More information the better.
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How are you analyzing the color? A chart or instrument? I'm interested in your approach to dialing in a new coffee.

Is there a crowdsourced reference for popular coffees? Seems like this should be a thing.


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Well this is a bummer: I've been using an Espresso Vision "Roast Vision" unit that analyzes the color of ground coffee, but just checking now the company is closed. That's too bad as their device was only $300


There's also the Tonino device which is probably more precise, but is considerably more expensive at about $750


Searching for "roast color analyzer" brings up other devices but the cost is even more.

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Many folks here use or have used Espresso Vision. I have one and like it for the price. I know a few members have the Tonino but I'm not very familiar with it. You can find used espresso vision units from time to time but they don't come up for sale often.

I think it is neat how they are showing the Agtron level. I'd think most roasters wouldn't want the added headache of having someone say their roast showed up 0.5 off and they want a refund. The color can continue to darken a few days past roast as well.

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Roasts vary. I presume they are listing the target color, not the measured color of the latest roast.

They also have this feature: https://onyxcoffeelab.com/pages/find-my-coffee

I don't have a bag of their coffee but they supply a sample roast. It's pretty interesting what it reports. But it does not include the Agtron number.

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#7: Post by Brewzologist »

Timely post on using roast color meters here: https://artisan-roasterscope.blogspot.c ... color.html

TL;DR - see the two blue boxes at the end of the blog post. e.g. much like using refractometers to measure coffee liquid, it's not as easy as it perhaps seems.

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It's understandable why most roasteries don't want to disclose all their data, both for fear of misinterpretation and probably for keeping trade secrets. Which is why I think these kind of initiatives are very nice, doing it in spite of the challenges - both for transparency and hopefully improving customer awareness.

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Has anyone else here noticed that they've tacked on a sneaky "service charge" at checkout?

I for one haven't been a fan.

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jmc999 wrote:Has anyone else here noticed that they've tacked on a sneaky "service charge" at checkout?

I for one haven't been a fan.
Who added a service charge? I just checked and Onyx didn't for me.