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Add a bag to your cart, then go checkout.

Look at the "service fee" added.

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jmc999 wrote:Add a bag to your cart, then go checkout.

Look at the "service fee" added.
No fee for me, just a shipping charge if under a certain amount.


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I didn't see it either, not at first. Look again, it's kind of under the hood. There's a down arrow you can click that shows you detail. Whether the shipping is free or not they add a little something extra.


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Interesting. It didn't show up in my cart. Maybe it shows up after CC info is put in?


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No, it was on the page before that.

The down arrow thing I mentioned was on my phone yesterday. The above image is from a desktop browser. But I've noticed in the past that websites can deliver different pages depending not just because of mobile/desktop but also OS (e.g. Windows vs MacOs). And sometimes there have been differences in price. My wife and I looked at the same item at the same time on one website last year and the price was different. That was weird. I can understand that we'd all be fingerprinted in some way but to offer a different price based on that? Maybe something else was going on.

Anyway, if you put 2lbs of Onyx "Power Nap" coffee in your basket what's the total price you get? For me it was $59.45 which included a $1.45 "service" fee.

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Hmm, I see a service fee when I try.

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I still don't...

Maybe it is region based? I went all the way through except final order button and no fee


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Region based? Are sneaky add-on fees prohibited in your state?

Onyx says that the fee goes towards their employees and that they hope that an add-on fee that many might overlook during the checkout process will be "easier to understand and more transparent than raising coffee prices".

Seems like the opposite of transparent to me. The 2lb bag of coffee is listed at $58 but it turns out it actually costs $59.45. Why not an add-on fee for the bag it comes in? Or the roasting process? Or just break it all down like an accountant would and make every piece of the puzzle a separate fee. The "coffee" could then be listed on the main page as going for $12 with fees tacked on during checkout that total an additional $47.45.

Fortunately there are lots of other roasters out there.


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It seems this thread has drifted. Perhaps start a new thread on Onxys business practices for those subscribed here about the topic at hand.

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