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Has anyone tried it?

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Is it even for sale yet? Can't find a way to order it on their site.

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If they would spend as much time on quality roast development as they do on advertising/packaging they might end up with something tolerable.

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#4: Post by SteveRhinehart »

It seems to go on sale around this time of year. I'd expect an announcement this coming week or the next week if they're planning to do it again. Last year it was $1,750 for just the coffee.

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$145 per 10oz of coffee, is there something I'm missing? I've seen expensive coffee before, but nothing even close to this. I'm not trying to be ignorant and I would love to be educated if something is escaping me.

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#7: Post by baldheadracing replying to Pigeontree »

If they're buying high-placing coffees from Cup of Excellence or Best of Panama or similar auctions, and/or coffees that really score 90+, then that's about right.

For example, right now Klatch is has a 90+ Panama Geisha that works out to $150/10oz https://www.klatchcoffee.com/products/p ... rmentation
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#8: Post by Jeff »

A roaster that I buy from that generally has a top-quality roast -- https://shop.glitchcoffee.com/ -- though I usually don't buy the auction selections

50 g for ¥5,200 ~ About US$200 for 10 oz (283 g), closer to $240 for the ¥6,200 bags

The Picky Chemist, another favorite of locals here -- https://en.thepickychemist.com/boutique -- runs €35-50 for 125 g or roughly $90-120 for 10 oz of his upper-range selections.


What cracks me up is that a Baratza Encore is somehow going to be useful for someone buying coffee at this price point.

My error, a "Baratza x Echelon Vario+ Grinder" is probably a reasonable choice if you don't have a grinder, want to take one to work, or give one as a gift.

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#9: Post by Pigeontree »

Wow, insane, I had no idea prices shot up so high. Thanks for the examples.