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#21: Post by timods »

Today's roast (El Salvador Santa Rosa Experimental Lot #26) smells absolutely divine as soon as you open the bag. It's bright and fruity; much lighter than yesterday's Krampus.

I brewed it as a pourover this morning and wish I could bottle the scent of the blooming coffee: it smelled (and now tastes) strongly of raspberry


#22: Post by clc12rock » replying to timods »

Yea I'm really digging this one. A fruit bomb for sure.


#23: Post by Chiswim_32796 »

Just finished the El Salvador also. Was picking up a lot of savory or umami notes, almost like an unsalted peanut along with the raspberry. Not quite sure how to feel about this one.


#24: Post by LaPAVaros »

Got Advent Calendar as present from wife. Wanted this to get wider exposure to different beans as mostly buy Ethiopian/Kenyan to roast myself. I will use as espresso. Liked Santa Rosa better than the Krampus. Definitely got the rum note today.
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#25: Post by [creative nickname] »

Santa Rosa was divisive in my household. I liked it quite a bit; definitely a raspberry bomb, with some interesting brandy-like boozy undertones, prominent vanilla and some milk chocolate too. My wife found it too fruity and weird for a morning coffee, however, and strongly preferred the Krampus.
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#26: Post by Rhiiine’Spro »

My wife also treated me to this awesome project. I really enjoyed today's El Salvador honey process.It was one of the most satisfying scents!Im brewing 23g with a bee house dropper. Better after cooling off for a few minutes.

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#27: Post by jbviau »

Today's El Sal had a barrel-aged vibe that I didn't particularly enjoy despite the fruit. Will try again brewed a different way before moving on.
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#28: Post by Shenrei »

I really enjoyed the El Salvador. It reminded me of Elixr's Ethiopia Rophi which they still have. Very unique and different.
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#29: Post by Chiswim_32796 »

Day Three Report: This was a nice cup. I ended up splitting the dose, half in the V60 for me and the other half as an iced pour-over for my mom. To me, it was really crushable with lots of dark chocolate and red berry notes. My mom also found it really tasty too, and after yesterday's bean being a little polarizing having this brew be a little more approachable was a positive in my book. I'm liking the progression that Onyx has created so far.


#30: Post by sirknighting »

I really like the acidity and sweetness I'm getting from day 3. However, I liked Day 2 more, due to its complex undertones.

I wonder how they decided to order the coffees, as I was surprised they put two coffees sharing a note on adjacent days.

I'm brewing with a single 56g dose in a Bonavita, same grind setting for all coffees on a Bunnzilla, SSP silver knight, on the autodrip/fine line.

I've been loving the variety from this.