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I received a promotional email from Onyx Coffee Lab for their holiday offering of 24 specially packaged Advent Calender coffee collections. For someone who enjoys varieties, it is an excellent way to be introduced to many different origins, varieties, and processing methods. Here is the list of 24 beans.

1. Framily
2. Ethiopia Hambela Bishan Fugu
3. Kenya Gichathaini AA
4. Colombia Aponte Village
5. Mexico Puebla Zapotitlan #2
6. Costa Rica Las Lajas Black Honey
7. Burundi Long Miles Gaharo Hill
8. Guatemala Finca Travesia Natural
9. El Salvador Santa Rosa Honey
10. Kenya Muthingini AA
11. El Salvador Santa Rosa
12. Ethiopia Gedeb Beriti Natural
13. Krampus PB
14. Panama Creativa Giovana Boutet Anaerobic
15. Kenya Kagunyu AA Natural
16. Ethiopia Gedeb Gotiti
17. Mexico Finca Las Chicharras Natural
18. Burundi Long Miles Gaharo Natural
19. Honduras San Andres Lempa
20. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Halo Lot #8
21. Guatemala Las Nueces
22. Bolivia Caranavi Matriarcas Project
23. Ethiopia Guji Bale Mountain Natural
24. Colombia Huila Finca Samboni Gesha

If someone decides to purchase, I would love to read the review. After having ordered their 12 coffee Catalog Box Set and not finding even a single bag of coffee I liked, I am not going back to order what comes out to be ~$60/lb roasted coffee. But I do love reading about the curation of the coffee they use on their web site.
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Wonderful packaging and website. I'm not financially bespoke enough to pay for that....though i appreciate the idea of what they're doing.

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#3: Post by Milligan »

I think it was last year that people were getting coffee 2 months post roast in their calendar (received calendar early and coffee would have been roughly 2 months old when it is supposed to be consumed.) IIRC their response was that it didn't affect quality. I thought that was strange. Perhaps ordering early and consuming it before the holidays is the way to go if one wants to try this within the coffee's peak depending on roast level.

Personally I don't care for such small quantity. At 30g each that is enough for a cupping and one shot at a V60. Or try to dial in two 15g espresso shots. This is where something like the XBloom would be nice. Onyx could have each one dialed to their preferred extraction.

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Do they stagger the roasting so they are all peaking? A month can make a big difference.
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^^^ They do not. The only coffee advent calendar I'm aware of that staggers even a little bit is KaffeBox (two shipments of 12).
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