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I have mine in my hands. OK, on the counter, same thing.


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I got the shipping notification as well and the same error message.

Their price have really gone up over the past year, to the point where I don't think I'll order from them again. Seems like you're paying all the extra just for the pretty packaging and branding.

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I've only tried Onyx once, and wasn't really impressed - decent enough, but not very special.

The real issue for me is that it seems to be 20-30% more expensive than George Howell etc. I find it pretty hard to justify on that basis.

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I ordered the Advent from Onyx last year and was not all that impressed, so skipped it this year. The price increase is quite significant and the final product doesn't justify the cost.


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Onyx seems to be the Bose of coffee.


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I have been having a lot of roasters with eather no dates, or weeks from roast to ship. I feel alot of them say" its acceptable now " NOT in my book ! They say whatever to make us feel ok about the dates, roasts etc. Personally I don't like it. 2 weeks are ok, 2 months are ok, next it will be 2 years are ok. We pay top dollar it should reflect or sell bags cheaper.
In my opinion, but than I'm just 1 person


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Over my time in specialty coffee I have become less and less particular about bean aging and storage. For awhile I was doing the freezing thing and to be honest, I'm not sure it made much a difference. With a recent addition to the family, life has kind of overtaken the capacity to faff about on such things. All of that said, I'm not sure the quality of what we're drinking has been impacted at all by fussing less about age - we're still very particular about roasters and roast style.

All of this to say, as I spend more and more time with "old" coffee, I get the sense that the beans, processing, and roasting approach have more to do with the flavor than the roast date. YMMV.


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I have purchase these Advents the past few years and been super impressed. I do work in coffee and Yes there is a complete logistical challenge here but I find it doubtful you will find anything remotely this good quality wise with 24 different coffees in this format. I'll continue to buy these because its such a great break for someone who works in and loves coffee. It is also a fun intellectual experience breaking down the coffee for that day experiencing the vast differences in what beautiful coffee can deliver from different origins.

On the freshness point..I was told they do a nitro flush in the small bags so they will be fresh and last way longer than a normal bag. I think Blue bottle does this with some of their preground and I've found they are super delicious even months out...(preground) which is difficult to do. I personally was impressed with how things held up with last years coffee and I"m excited to dig into this. I did notice some changes to their packing I assume because of the nitro flush it needed a better seal. This is all so much more complicated and challenging because coffees have different timeframes on when their peak flavors come out. Some are 2 weeks and other 1 day off roast.

On a hopefully not so negative note.
I do wish they had more details on each specific coffee in the box like last years. Roast date would be cool but it might turn people off esp if they don't understand how nitro flushing works. They might assume its not worth it if it was roasted like 8 weeks prior. I guess less is more. I also wish they had a coffee for Christmas day like some exceptional COE coffee as a gift to us hehe. For almost 200 bucks I think they should be able to fit something in. On Onyx's Single origin offerings I find them exceptional and expensive but its tasty, to me their blends have been less impressive.

Over all I've been happy with Onyx and the coffees they offer. There are so many challenges in this ecosystem and I think (esp after see and tasting probably 100 other roasters). To me they are doing a great job and have a higher standard of excellence in their selection and roasts There are many other roasters I would also put in this exceptional category but they are certainly top 3.
Cheers and happy drinking to everyeone!

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Nothing to do with Onyx but The Lever Magazine has an online Advent calendar.


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I hadn't had coffee advent calendars on my radar but after hearing this discussion I see them everywhere now. I was at Walmart and they had a Keurig k-cup advent calendar. Has this been a thing for awhile or are big brands trying to cash in now?

A side note, advent calendars and I do not get along. A relative gave me a chocolate truffle advent calendar over Thanksgiving. I ate them all in a couple of days.