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Big Truck is consistently sweet. Sweetheart changes more, so sometimes is better than Big Truck, sometimes not. I have both on my rotation. Little Buddy is more of a pour-over coffee rather than espresso blend. But generally they have high quality offerings, so I'd just try several and see what you like best.

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I've only ordered the Little Buddy, the Big Truck & the Sweetheart about 3 times (which I really enjoyed in a cappuccino--2 double shots as always with about 5oz. of steamed milk with some froth on top). I didn't really hear about any others used for the way I drink it.

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Sweetheart really did a turnaround on notes from cherry & chocolate to floral, bergamot & limoncello. My fault....I should have noticed the complete difference in notes.

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chanty 77 wrote:I always loved the Sweetheart blend.
Big Truck and Little Buddy are blends in the traditional sense. Sweetheart is not. Sweetheart is just a name they give to one of their current single origin coffees.

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Okay, I didn't realize that. Now I do, and again--I should have been more observant of the notes. Personally the only time I want bergamot in something is in my perfume, never limoncello (too lemony/citrusy) and never floral. This blend is so weak mouthed & if I try to lower the temp, it gets sour, raising it makes it just plain bitter. To me, total waste of $20 for 12ounces. Lesson learned. I just automatically assumed (me bad) that it would be similar to what I had gotten in the past & the last two were very similar. This last one I just got is a total opposite of what I've gotten with Sweetheart in the past.

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On to Little Buddy....
I ordered the Little Buddy & it said on the website bag: sweet berry, stone fruit & chocolate. Loved it in the past and was a definite MEDIUM roast. All my research in the past said this was a MEDIUM blend, the bag that came in the mail said LIGHT & sweet berry, stone fruit & floral. More sour and light again. Very frustrated as I mentioned, the bag on their website did not state floral in the notes (which I avoid as I don't like my espresso tasting "tea-like").