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#1: Post by vcasa »

Hello all I look to this forum for recommendations and got my first dud. I placed and order with Aero Coffee Roasters based on a post here. Today I got a bag of coffee roasted 3 days shy of a month ago. Just wanted to give a heads up to the group.


#2: Post by tennisman03110 »

Your post lacks credibility. Do they say roast to order? Was it an issue with shipping?

And is the coffee even really a "dud"? 3 days shy of a month could easily be fine.

If you have issues with a business, they are the ones you should be talking to.

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#3: Post by ojt »

Quite normal. Many bigger roasters in my experience do not strive for roast to order service. Some even quite famously advocate aging your beans for a month. The ones that do roast to order usually have and mention a cut-off date/time for orders, like order before 4pm tuesday to have your coffee roasted on wednesday.

vcasa (original poster)

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Just wanted to respond then I will move on.

Shipping was not an issue the package came quickly.

The roaster did not advertise roast to order but silly me I assumed this was the norm from small roasters. The roaster did respond and said that the coffee is shelved for a period of time prior to shipping. It is just been in my experience I would like to decide how long I store beans prior to drinking. Isn't that part of the fun we all strive to achieve that perfect cup.

I used this forum to try different roasters and many of them were very good. My motivation was to point out an experience that I felt was not typical of small roasters. If you want to give them a try then please do.


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I had this also happen with multiple roasters before and asked them to ship fresher coffee the next time or cancel my order. If they can't ship fresher coffee I'll order elsewhere and they lose me as a customer. If I receive coffee I don't want it to be over 7-10 days post roast and many times I'll even ask them in advance before placing an order.


#6: Post by mborkow »

Roast your own coffee. Problem solved :D


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Disagree to some degree as I've roasted my own coffee for a couple of years. As a homeroaster it's really hard to get really high quality greens and most small coffee roasters just can't achieve the level of perfection a very good roaster can. I could indeed get better roasts then a lot of roasters but not anywhere near the great roasters. For that reason and owning great gear I switched back to roasted coffee as I only wanted to drink really good coffee. But for that it's not a problem as all great roasters ship fresh and fast.