Ode to Caffe Lusso Gran Miscela Carmo Espresso Blend

Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.

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How many ways do I love thee, oh sweet caramelly beans... I cannot count them in one lifetime.

I am not sure what else there is to say... I feel ruined right now to even try anything else.


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Same, been my go to espresso bean for a long time! Also enjoy their Guatemala Finca Florencia for drip.

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To add: Although its been a couple years since I last used Gran Miscela Carmo, they were able to keep it consistent in flavor for multiple seasons. One (of many) faves in my book!
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I tried a few bags maybe 12-18 months ago and really liked it. However, I then got on the Saka train, plus a monthly subscription to Atlas that satisfied my experimental side. I got away from a few coffees that I had liked before the Saka train. It may be time to give Miscela Carmo a try again, especially now that I have better equipment and experience. I can't find any of my notes on it, so can someone help with dose/yield/temp?

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#5: Post by spressomon »

My notes from 3-years ago using the Slayer:
6-days post roast, 203º-205º, 18g in 18g VST, 10-Second PB/PI, 22g in 32-34 seconds = Outstanding flavor: Distinct caramel & sweetness, chocolate, almond/nut

If I didn't have a freezer full of "I can't pass them up" beans :lol: ...I'd put an order in for GCM.
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skink91 (original poster)

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My espresso machine makes my shot pulls a bit more pedestrian (Silvia):
I prefer using my NZ for the grind for this one, 19.2g in 18g VST, I like to end the pull when I hit 30sec or 40g... it really is great as either ristretto or not.

I would agree that to me the primary taste note is caramel and nuts. It also has the finest aftertaste. Just very comforting and homey or something.

skink91 (original poster)

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BikerDave wrote: Same, been my go to espresso bean for a long time! Also enjoy their Guatemala Finca Florencia for drip.
The only other one of theirs I had tried was the Brazil Peaberry and it was good for drip as well. Had just ordered the Ethiopia Sidama, but not received it yet. I will have to next try the GFF - thanks!

Signed up for a monthly subscription on the Gran Miscela Carmo... at least for the time being I will have at least one shot of it a day.


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It's a good bean! Very easy to pull and super consistent. Lion share is my favorite from them and it pulls the same way each and every time.
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chanty 77

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What notes do you taste in Lionshare? When I got it 2x (over a year, maybe 2 years ago), I got some cranberry in it. Is it hard to pull?


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Some caramel, bitter chocolate, to me it's very mellow and easy to drink. It is my go to for straight shots. Although I'll drink it in milk too, lol.

Yes it is easy to pull. I use a 203 temp sometimes hotter if I'm playing around. 18.5 in 34 ish out in 28-29 sec. Doesn't really matter though, it's so easy like GMC, preferences may vary on time and temp. This is what I did with my E61 machine.

With the Decent I normally pull a easy booming shot to 45 sec, or a shot similar to a Londinium. I also like a slow pre infusion then 9 bar similar to my past E61.

All in all, both beans are done well and are fun to pull.
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