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buddalouie wrote: This is one of my go to blends and I find that it often needs a bit longer of a rest before it starts tasting good. Over a week at times. I am pulling on a Robot with a Niche grinder
I guess I always wait a week after the roast date for any coffee, and find that the flavors and aroma start slowly disappearing over the next 2-3 weeks.

I personally find it enjoyable when I first open the bag a week post-roast, but based on some of the opinions above about the roastiness maybe that mellowing over time just suits your tastes better?


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Just my personal experience. I usually get the 2kg bag and freeze it after letting it rest a week, and I find I still get the chocolate/caramel flavors for a few weeks but by the end of the bag the taste has definitely dropped off. Still tastes better than before it's rested enough, though