Oddly Correct Colombia El Divisio Natural

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We were in Denver last week and stopped by a local coffee shop that was offering a blend and also a single-origin as espresso. We've had coffee here many times before, and it's usually good but not great. This time they were pulling a Colombia El Divisio Natural from Oddly Coffee in Kansas City. It was interesting--fun may be a better word. The tasting notes are: "froot loops, limeade, cane sugar, citrus zest." That's a good description. It's juicy and sweet. Really sweet.

We purchased a bag and are enjoying the coffee. It was easy to dial in on my MC4 (using a DE1 Pro) and also my daughter's Niche (using a modified Breville Dual Boiler). I could not get it to show well on my MAX SLM, but that might have been me, not the MAX. I'm drinking it as pour-over at the moment--it's still fun.

We paid just under $30 for 12oz, so it's not the cheapest coffee. It's listed at $24 on their site, with $7.50 flat rate shipping.