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I've had quite a few shots of full cycle now where I feel I can share my thoughts.

Mostly been grinding them on my Lido 3. I've dialed into a few different ratios ranging from 1.25-2.5. I think I've preferred the shots so far in the 1.75-2 range as it seemed to be the best balance of bringing out the small tinge of acidity I could and balancing that with the chocolate notes I got and also maintaining good body. The shorter shots were mostly chocolate and nuts and the longer shots were just kinda meh.

I was overall surprised by how chocolately this blend was given the description. There really isn't much acidity in this and that's actually something I was looking forward to. What I do enjoy though is it's ability to go really well in milk while also being complex enough to enjoy on its own. It's a pretty easy blend to work with and overall I do like it - just not sure I like it more than other blends. Given the price though I would be perfectly happy drinking this every day especially considering how versatile it is.

I have Ernesto's and Camila's in the freezer that I'll be touching on next. Trying to do a tour of their blends :)


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Update on Full Cycle: I'm at the last 8oz or so and started pulling larger ristretto's. This morning I pulled two shots at about 19g in and about 23g out. Both were incredibly balanced and delicious and really sweet. I'm still not getting much citrus, still mostly chocolate but this morning was like sweet milk chocolate. Probably my favorite shots so far. They did have a tinge of that acidity at the back of the throat like most ristretto's have (at least in my experience) but it was really tame compared to any other blend I've had. Overall, I've come to enjoy this blend a lot. My flat white this morning was also exceptionally good. After I tour the rest of their blends I'll likely be coming back to this. It definitely appears traditional and comfort-y but with Judy enough complexity to be enjoyable.

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I'm a few shots into Ernesto's House Roast and have a pretty solid feel for it. I've pulled it a double ristretto, triple ristretto, and a couple double shots pulled 2:1 and 2.5:1. This is definitely roasted lighter than the other blends I've tried but that doesn't mean it's fruity. It's mildly sweet but nothing stand out there. This is a pure Brazilian natural bean so there's not a ton of dimension in there either. Because it's roasted lighter there is a bit of acidity that I really enjoy when pulled shorter. Pulled longer it pretty much completely goes away. Overall the flavor is pretty uniform between all the different ratios - mostly nutty with a subtle brightness and on the longer shots maybe a tinge of chocolate and a tiny bit of sweetness. I don't really feel like this blend goes well with milk, the flavors wash out pretty easy and it just feels a bit too milky without much flavor in it. On its own I do really enjoy the flavors though and find it quite enjoyable as I do like a bit of acidity.

I don't anticipate much change happening as I work through the rest of this blend. Next up once I'm through with this is Camila's Organic.

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Wanted to tell you I truly appreciate your reviews on various roasts/blends. I am more of a medium to medium-dark person, and the flavors have to punch through strongly on my cappuccinos that I SOLELY drink( with about 4-5oz. of steamed milk with microfoam on top). Thanks again!

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Thank YOU! If me jotting my notes down publicly helps at least one person, then it's very worth it! Glad you enjoy them, I'll keep doing them :)