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I just received a 2-pounder of Full Cycle in mail (7 days post roast). Since this one has been recommended multiple times on here, does anyone mind sharing their brewing parameters? (I did not find any after a simple search.)

I have plenty of beans and many different baskets (dose size and type) to experiment with. My preference is certainly for smaller (14-15 g) doses. Also curious if I can produce two different taste profiles by playing around with grind, dose, and pre-infusion settings.

As an aside, I also ordered Nossa's latte cup and diner-style mugs, and both of those look incredible. The latte cup isn't particularly thick but has a large diameter, so should work great for pouring latte art. On the other hand, the diner mugs are quite heavy, thick-walled, and solid. Love it!


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I tried Full Cycle a few months back as many here recommended this as a comfort espresso blend.
I got more acidity and citrus notes than I was expecting and never really found a recipe that improved the result.
I always start with 14.5g dose. For Full Cycle my best result ended up at 16.5g dose to 30g out in 30sec. I tried all different doses and ratios and never hit what I was looking for. Be interested to hear your results

kinda-niche (original poster)

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Wouldn't say I've had a lot of success either, certainly in the sense that I do not get shots that are particularly sweet. But my lessons are that this coffee doesn't like 1. longer pre-infusion (I keep around 4-5 sec), 2. higher temperature (using 91 deg C), 3. higher than 1:2 brewing ratio. With this in mind, I've been getting middle-of-the-road, drinkable shots to use as milk drink base (15.5 g in - 30 g out in 29-32 sec with 5 sec PI). But I am not in any way wow'ed by the taste profile.


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Kinda niche, I'm trying to dial full cycle for the first time as well and also getting a lot of acidity, about 10 days off roast. It's lighter than I thought. Gonna rest it a few more weeks before trying again, and will try your recipe. I really enjoyed the comfort of their teodoro roast but wanted to try something lighter from them.
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