Northbound Superb Blend: 2x Mainline / 1x Agaro Gera Duromina #7

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For decades, a self-blend of Central/South American and Ethiopian in about 2:1 proportion have been a staple @ cafeIKE.

Lately, too light roasting of the Latins has compromised many of these coffees.

Trolling one of our roaster short list we espied the Ethiopia Agaro Gera Duromina #7: "It has a juicy and refreshing tartness, like red and black currants." - light roast

A search for a suitable base revealed Mainline: "Comprised of Latin American coffees, the blend is sweet, chocolatey and inviting." - medium roast

Put the two together and you get a milk chocolatey / tea / tobacco / stone fruit / citrus / expression that is sublimely superb.

The recipe:
17.3g / IMS Precision slope side double basket / ≈198°F / ≈38g in 25s from first drop.
Also works well as a Single in the IMS Pro Single 10.3g / ≈17g

Get some before the Agaro is all gone!


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I like your style. Must give that a go. Do you only drink straight or would it work with a little milk?

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cafeIKE (original poster)

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Jshot wrote:Do you only drink straight or would it work with a little milk?
The missus and neighbors claim it's very good in latte.

I only put milk in 'coffee shop' coffee - usually about 4 or 5 'creamers' :evil: