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Reaching out to someone who recommended the Northbound American Beauty roast. I will be opening a bag---8 days post roast tomorrow. Northbound site says 18g at 198-200°. Maybe it is my machines but I typically don't go over 17.5g, usually a little less---especially at only 8 days post roast. If the person who recommended sees this, could you let me know what recipe you used? Thanks.


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Start with their recipe.


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From what I remember, AB leans a bit lighter on the medium spectrum so 18g will be a scant one. I don't know why you'd be splitting hairs on half a gram from your usual dose though. It's not like trying to weigh out 18g of Malabar Gold to see it's overflowing your dosing cup due to it's low density.

Their recipe is a fine starting point


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I may have recommended AB. I'm on an Europiccola post-millenium. On this machine the standard double basket is for 14g. I dialled it in with 14g dose, and then dialled it in also for 10g doses. Roughly 2:1 but I go over a bit (so, 10g ground coffee, 20-25g espresso).

Group head 90-95C. Around 10s preinfusion, if it's not dripping that's ok, don't wait longer than 15s.

Is you can see I am flexible on variables, AB is pretty forgiving. All shots are yummy and some are epic. Solo or macchiato - small amount of milk foam triggers something chocolatey in it.


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The smaller dose is a preference of mine, so I can drink more cups spread in the workday day, pacing my caffeine intake and without going all jittery. I do 3-4 per day.

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Sorry, but question is impossible to answer.

The roaster recommendation and responses are based on:
Year coffee was grown?
Age when roasted?
Brew location TPH?
Pump type?
Reservoir or Line Pressure?
Shower screen?