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Hey all,

Wanted to give a huge shout-out to Coffee and Tea Collective in San Diego. Their Steel Frame single origin is outstanding. I am coming from buying 5lb bags of Dragonfly's Creme Dolce and never thought I'd find a bean I enjoyed more. The fact that I found one and it is local (in SD as well) is icing on the cake.

Their primary bean for espresso and milk drinks in their cafe is a single origin they call Steel Frame.
Origin: Cusco, Peru
Altitude: 1800-2000 masl
Varieties: Typica, Caturra, Bourbon
Process: Washed

I find it interesting that a cafe's primary bean is a single origin, but this is the most accessible, easy to dial in bean I've ever used, even besting Creme Dolce which is notoriously easy to dial in, and forgiving.

A little background, I was a barista at Cafe Ladro in Seattle for four years in grad school. I learned a lot about espresso, pulling a good shot, dialing in, but even after four years was just starting to gain a knowledge of coffee varieties, elevations, and processing methods. Fast forward ten years and I just got my home machine and am getting back in it, the Bianca and Eureka Mignon (both good starting points).

Additionally, my palate is not fine-tuned. I grew up on mashed potatoes and meat. My taste buds taste sweet, sour, sugar, hot and cold. So I've never been able to pin-point fruit etc. IN time I hope that develops. ALl that to say, I taste in emotion (sounds odd saying it) and Steel Frame is comforting, relaxing, and FUN. Not professional tasting notes at all, but regardless, I wanted to share. Incredibly easy to dial in, smooth, accessible, great in milk and perfectly drinkable as espresso, though not as complex as other single origins out there, which is why it goes so well in milk. ... el-frame-1