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Google Scholar brings up more results, like:

GENETIC CHARACTERIZATION OF ARABUSTA COFFEEHYBRIDS AND THEIR PARENTAL GENOTYPES USINGMOLECULAR MARKERS They studied 20 genotypes including 11 Interspecific Arabusta F1 Hybrids and one Spontaneous Arabusta Hybrid. tl;dr It sounds like the Arabusta hybrids were both intentionally and spontaneously produced.

Assessment of Arabusta coffee hybrids [Coffea arabica L. X Tetraploid Robusta (Coffea canephora )] for green bean physical properties and cup quality tl;dr Arabusta tastes better than Robusta

LMWDP # 272

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Thanks for the refs. From the first paper, the only naturally occurring spontaneous Arabusta Hybrid is Hybrido de Timor (HDT) which I believe is the natural hybridization that took place in Timor island and was discovered back in the 1940s. All other Arabusta are manmade hybrids of induced tetraploid Robusta crossed to a known variety of Arabica sp. So, it is safe to assume all Arabusuta except Timor Hybrid are man-made. The question is where I can find commercial sources of Arabusta greens.

As for the taste comparisons in the second paper, it is hard to conclude a generalized consensus based on only one Arabica SL28 for comparison. I am sure there are many "bad" tasting Arabica out there. I have been roasting a quite few single-origin Robusta greens whenever I find an offering from a coffee importer/vendor. As with any coffee, some are better than others. So far, high-quality Vietnamese Dalat Highland Culi Robusta has the best flavor profile of smooth, chocolaty, buttery, sweet notes for me. India Araku Valley Robusta was also quite tasty to me. I wish there were more sources of coffee greens outside of Arabica. Since I personally don't care much about acidity in a cup, I generally find well-executed blends of Arabica with Robusta give me better cup satisfaction. I would love to taste Arabusta to see if they are similar to Arabica-Robusta blends.
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Debbie Downer has entered the chat: this is quite possibly the least visually appealing poster I've ever seen. I will require evidence from anyone claiming they've actually put it up after studying it. ;)
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World Coffee Research has released a five-page PDF explaining the poster - it is now the first PDF on the poster download page: ... ies-poster
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