Need help for my next coffee purchase.

Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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#1: Post by Shakespeare »

I have been experimenting with my new pour over equipment and brewing styles.
My medium roast are perfect for my chocolate/caramel espresso milk creations.

I appreciate any recommendations for a pour-over.... a single origin/ or blend light roasted coffee beans. I'm looking for 1 kilo or 2.
Hopefully a more detailed & delicate fruit brew would be my goal.


#2: Post by RemcoNL »

Hello Mr Shakespeare,

I'm having the same problem; what coffee would I like the most?
The idea I get when I look on YouTube is that cupping should give you an Idea what the best coffee is for you.

Maybe a store where you buy coffee sells it in small quantities, so you can buy 50g of different coffees.
The problem I forsee is that I have a okey grinder but it is no Niche Zero.
So after each coffee tried I'll have to clean the grinder to not have contamination from the previous grind.

I myself need to find a retailer who sells by the gram so I can try multiple crazy coffees without committing to 250g coffee.
When you do go taste different coffees, taste them next to eachother and use a taste guide so you know what you're looking/tasting for.

Either way good luck with the search for your coffee, have a great day.